Pov-Ray 3.7 installation on Ubuntu 14.04

download from the github repository and then follow the instruction.

git clone https://github.com/POV-Ray/povray.git
cd povray
cd unix
cd ..
./configure COMPILED_BY="your name <email@address>"
make install

The terminal shows the following message:
The POV-Ray components will be installed in the following directories:

  • Program (executable): /usr/local/bin
  • System configuration files: /usr/local/etc/povray/3.7
  • User configuration files: /home/oyamada/.povray/3.7
  • Standard include files: /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/include
  • Standard INI files: /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/ini
  • Standard demo scene files: /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/scenes
  • Documentation (text, HTML): /usr/local/share/doc/povray-3.7
  • Unix man page: /usr/local/share/man

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