C++ library and MatLab toolbox for Active Appearance Model

this is a note about free C++ libraries and MatLab toolboxes for Active Appearance Model.

1. C++ libraries:

  1. DeMoLib
    implements several AAM fitting methods.
    Difference from other libraries is that DeMoLib provides several AAM fitting methods such as some Inverse Compositional algorithms and 2D+3D fitting method. This feature is fantastic.
    The library requires OpenCV, VxL, and CMake.
  2. CoDe library
    is implementation of a CVPR 2009 paper “On Compositional Image Alignment with an Application to Active Appearance Models.
    With the library, we can align an AAM to a target image from an initial starting position.
    Its documentation tells us that the library requires Blas, Lapack, Cmake, and MatLab. MatLab is probably for PCA based learning part of AAM.
  3. FaceTracker
    is deformable face tracking library based on AAM.
    Looking at the author’s website, the library must work quite nice.
    It requires OpenCV.
  4. AAM-API
    is a C++ implementation of AAM.
    The last update of the library was April 2006 or earlier, it looks working well but is not my first option.
  5. Stasm
    is an ASM library not AAM one but I post the information because Stasm seems to be famous library.
    It requires OpenCV.

2. MatLab toolboxes

  1. AAMtools last updated May 2008
    is a toolbox for both building AAMs and fitting them to images/videos.
    The toolbox additionally requires C++ compiler and OpenGL. C++ compiler is to remove some MatLab bottle neck and OpenGL is for image resampling repeated in the algorithm.
    In addition, the toolbox has an interface to OpenCV’s face detection functions for automatic AAM mask initialization.
  2. ASM and AAM:
    is a set of MatLab functions for basic ASM and AAM for both 2D and 3D objects with multi-resolution.
    The package description is shorter contrast to other libraries but it looks nice.
    It requires Image Processing toolbox.

2 thoughts on “C++ library and MatLab toolbox for Active Appearance Model

  1. In case anyone stumbles across this page, I just wanted to add our new Python package for deformable model fitting, called Menpo (http://www.menpo.io). It includes training and fitting code for AAMs, as well as CLMs and the recently proposed SDM method. We wanted to focus on making a free package that includes simple code for fitting AND training. Check it out if you need to work on AAMs!

    • Patrick,
      thanks for the interesting information! I’ll try Menpo 🙂 Can I introduce Menpo via SNS such as facebook and twitter so that friends of mine can also try it.

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