SciTE: A free source code editor for Win32 and X

SciTE seems to be a good choice.

Setup the SciTE by following the manual:

  1. install SciTE
    using Synaptic Package Manager, apt-get, or compile from source.
  2. change Global settings
    Edit /usr/share/scite/ ( can edit on SciTE by selecting the menu “Options”->”Open Global Options File”.)

    1. enable to loading povray related file extension by adding ;*.pov;*.inc;*.ini;*.mcr around line #316
      From: *.properties;*.html;*.xml;*.iface;*.bat;*.e;*.m;*.mm
      To: *.properties;*.html;*.xml;*.iface;*.bat;*.e;*.m;*.mm;*.pov;*.inc;*.ini;*.mcr
    2. uncomment around line #572
      From: #P&OV-Ray SDL|pov||\
      To: P&OV-Ray SDL|pov||\
  3. change settings for povray
    Edit /usr/share/scite/

    1. enable compile function from SciTE menu by editing around line # 182
      From: command.compile.*.pov=pvengine.exe $(FileName)
      To: command.compile.*.pov=povray +P $(FileName).pov
    2. enable auto-complete by uncomment around line #19-24
      From: #autocomplete.pov.ignorecase=1
      To: autocomplete.pov.ignorecase=1

Now, we can use

  • command auto-complete
  • syntax highlight
  • command execution from terminal window

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