PovClipse: eclipse plug-in for POR-Ray

PovClipse is an eclipse plug-in for POV-Ray and MegaPOV. Since the original tutorial assumes Windows, I briefly write how to setup on Ubuntu.


  1. Edit povray.conf
    If rendering fails, you should add the following command in ~/.povray/3.6/povray.conf file. The command enables read/write under use’s home directory.
    read+wrote* = %HOME%
  2. Install eclipse
    sudo apt-get install eclipse
  3. Install PovClipse
    1. Run eclipse and select the menu Help->Install New Software.
    2. Write http://povclipse.sourceforge.net/updatesite in Work with dialog and then push Add button.
    3. Select PovClipse and go to Next.
    4. Accept the license and go to Next.
    5. Press Finish button.
  4. New PovClipse project
    1. Select the menu File->New->Project.
    2. Select PovClipse->PovClipse Project.
    3. Set default setting for other settings.
  5. General settings
    1. Select the menu Window->Preferences.
    2. Select PovClipse in the list shown at left hand side.
    3. Set Povray executable: /usr/local/bin/povray
    4. Set Povray library: /usr/local/share/povray-3.6/include
    5. NOTE: the above settings assumes that your povray installation follows default settings.
  6. Write scene file and render it.

Rendered image is shown in a window at left hand side:


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