CurveLab installation

This post is memo telling how to install CurveLab in MatLab.

CurveLab is a toolbox the Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform both in MatLab and C++. You can find the detail from the website. Current version is 2.1.2.

Installation is very simple. All we have to do is compilation and path setting. You can find the detail of the installation from the user’s guide.

  1. Before installation
    The implementation has 2 types, the wrapping-based transform and the USFFT-based one. These 2 versions are separated by directory setting as a directory fdct_wrapping_matlab and a directory fdct_usfft_matlab. Your task as described hereinbelow should be done for each.
  2. Path setting
    In a directory fdct_***_matlab, there is a path setting function fdct_***_path. By running the function, path setting is done.
    Note: fdct_wrapping_matlab directory doesn’t have fdct_wrapping_path function. You should create the file by copy & paste from the USFFT one.

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