Algorithm in LaTeX

With a package algorithms, you can write algorithm in LaTeX.

README file says that

The “algorithms” bundle provides two environments, “algorithmic” and “algorithm”, which are designed to be used together but may be used separately. The “algorithmic” environment provides an environment for describing algorithms and the “algorithm” environment provides a “float” wrapper for algorithms (implemented using “algorithmic” or some other method at the author’s option). The reason that two environments are provided is to allow the author maximum flexibility. The algorithms bundle is (currently) licensed under the Lesser GPL license, which is a Free Software license. It may, in the future, be released under the standard LaTeX license (the Latex Project Public License).

For installation, necessary files are available on CTAN. Compile algorithms.ins file as
    latex algorithms.ins
the .sty files will be generated.

This manual tells you how to use the packages.



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